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4 Secret Clues Reveal the Best Shop for You

Save money and headaches. Get peace of mind.



 Clue #1   What transmission shops get business from other mechanics? 

Trust and reputation are everything with these customers.

There's no substitute for it and professionals don't get fooled more than once.



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What the pros know can help you too.

When customers pay more than they need to, it's sometimes because they are led to believe the problem is bigger than it really is.

You avoid that mistake when dealing with a trusted source.

You see, CP Transmission also does work for automotive professionals and performance car buffs.

They refer people to us because they know we'll treat them honestly and without surprises.  It's what our reputation is built on.

Clue #2 What does the repair area look like?

Cleanliness may not matter as much at a tire shop, but it does with this kind of work. See comments on the lower right about the shop image to see why.

Clue #3 Do the technicians working on your vehicle have decades of experience and invest in up-to-date education and technology?

Many years of experience combined with state-of-the-art diagnostics have no equal in this business. If EITHER is missing you could easily spend more than necessary.

That's because we're dealing with the MOST complex part of a vehicle, and there's often multiple issues that come into play.

When an auto shop isn't sure of the exact repairs needed, the uncertainty often adds expense to the quote since they factor in more for the unknown.

Our experience, technology and continued education in the field minimizes guesswork  and related unnecessary costs.

Clue #4 What's the warranty like?

Many transmission shops offer 12,000 miles or 12 months as their limit . . . but an uncommonly strong warranty reflects confidence in our work - and peace of mind for you.

CP offers a 2 year warranty with UNLIMITED miles.

We can do that because we know what goes into our work, whether you need a rebuilt  trans or just minor repairs.

The smart choice for 2015, CP Transmission and Performance Serves St Louis MO, St Charles MO, Jefferson County, West St Louis County, Franklin County, and anywhere you can drive from -because you'll be glad you did.

This can help if you're needing specialized or European car transmission repair. 

Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Peugeot, Saab, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Fiat, Land Rover and see bottom right for other makes.

If CP sounds like the kind of place you want to do business with, we invite you to call 636-225-3360 or click to Contact Us.

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HOURS  Mon - Fri 7:30 AM to 5 PM

New Location- 532 Saint Louis Ave, Valley Park, MO 63088 

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2015 News- We've Moved Up the Street a Block Why?  Because our great customers have been getting the word out about their experience with us. Better facilities. More space to serve you.

               See map above- and thanks for your trust. 

Our commitment is to continue earning it.

Above- The ATSG technical support center is a comprehensive resource we invest in and are a member of to serve you better.
Steve / Chris -
 . . . I was referred to you by a shop I trust, LC Automotive in Ellisville, so I was not surprised to find your shop equally trustworthy.
                                                                - more on the About Us page.
Best regards,   Patrick Murphy, Wildwood, Missouri

Free Initial Diagnostics Include -

  • Fluid check
  • Check out and test drive
  • Thorough scan with state-of-the-art equipment


To see some recent jobs, check our facebook page by clicking the image above.

Above- Between Steve Shaw, and Stan Shaw there's decades of transmission shop experience and a seasoned reliability that doesn't come through short cuts.

Risk of error, misdiagnosis, and the extra expenses that come with them are much more likely with lesser experienced mechanics and equipment that is outdated- both more common than you might think.  

Below- Customers notice the clean shop we keep. That's not just for looks.

Particles of dirt getting in open parts can cause problems and wear down the road. A dirty repair area is a risk, and it's not one we'll give to our customers.  

st louis transmission repair

 You won't be short-changed with junior mechanics either because none of them work here.

It's another reason a lot of our business comes from referrals of satisfied customers and auto shop pros. Read the promise of CP Transmission here.

We also service Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Buick, Dodge, Jeep,GMC, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Kia, and others. With decade of automotive experience, there are few car and truck models that we're not familiar with.

Words to live by- Never pick an automotive shop by location alone.

The drive train of your vehicle is too important to leave things to chance. Better to travel 100 miles than increase chances of transmission trouble, inconvenience, and expense during the job and down the road.   

Thanks for visiting Transmission Repair St Louis.

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